Interactive Samples


Project details: Monstropedia is a gamified questions pool for elder K12 students. The student forms her/his monster and names it, then chooses the desired level. The higher the level the bigger the monster to beat and the more difficult questions. The questions are in 4 or 2 subjects and appear randomly according to spinning wheel. The feedback is also customized with the head of the monster the student formed.


Project details: Hayyakom is an initiative promotes awareness of the Emirati national identity to the non-Emirati teachers in private schools.
Part of the program is an eLearning course developed into 2 forms:
Interactive course and interactive Book

Oscilloscope Basics

Project details: This course teaches the O-Scope basics and oscilloscope anatomy and usage to newcomer engineers. The course presents the anatomy using 3D model of the oscilloscope to give a close simulation to what the engineers will see in the real-time job.

English Language Course

Project details: The course is designed for University students who study English language as a general education requirement. The course present the book content into videos, interactive dialogues and several types of activities.

Prep. School Science

Project details: The course aims to present Science subject for preparatory students in a simple interactive way and with a few gamification elements. Each lesson is divided into several checkpoints. When the student passes one, s/he gets a medal. The number of the medals reflects on the user account and in the leaderboard.

Decorate Your Tree

Project details: This is a project for fun developed to celebrate Eastern Christmas. It’s a simple tree decoration with a small card to fill. The project gives also printing option, so as to keep your decoration and messages.


The below slideshow presents samples localized into the Arabic language.