Hello, My name is Ghada Abdulsamad and I’ve been working in eLearning field professionally since 2013. My experience is shaped through developing various eLearning solutions in different industries such as; Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Hotels, Management, Soft Skills…and many many more.

Being a graduate of faculty of Education, helped me a lot in building the foundation of my knowledge and expertise in the field, but this wasn’t enough for me. With being enthusiastic about technology and how it can shape the learning experience for the future generations, I studied two post graduate diplomas, one in Education and Information Technology field, and the other one is in Learning Technologies and eContent development.

So, with my expertise, skills and passion I enjoy converting any data into a meaningful information that suits the target audience. You can surf my website or check my LinkedIn profile for more information.


Why some posts are in Arabic and other posts in English?

Well, my mother tongue is Arabic language and I wish I could enrich the Arabic content, that’s why I write some topics and tutorials in Arabic whenever I can.

Can I use the freebies without attribution?

Yes, you can, however; you have to take care of the assets licenses. If the assets need attribution, you will find it by the end of the topic.

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